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Welcome to the CMS Life Maintenance !

CMS Life Maintenance, a distrubutor & authorized service center of Ceragem Products in Santa Ana, Orange County, California is the most convenient location to serve you. Ceragem has its presence in all over the world with distributors in 5 continents (53 countries). We are confident to bring to you the best medical equipment Type II to help you and to serve you to have the good health.




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(Ceragem Santa Ana)


Call: (714) 907-5752 / 5753

Ceragem Infrared Massage Beds, CeraMats, CeraPads, Healax

& other Ceragem products are sold & serviced here


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575 Běnh Thới, Phường 10, Quận 11 * TP HCM


 Tel: 083-858-0508

Note: Every body knows that Ceagem Massage Bed-C is the most afforbable and reliable massage bed and discontinued. However, we are the only distributor in the Ceragem World who still has some massage beds M3500, fully refurbished like new and as well as some used CeraBeds with good warranty.


Note: If you have any CeraBed (working or not) that you do not use anymore, please contact us, because some people still need it.

                  Note: All profits from selling Ceragem Beds will be given to the poor in Tahiti

                       Due to new restrictions, we no longer accept customer trials of our

       Ceragem Beds, but still do the sale and service all Ceragem Products.


Please call: (714) 907-5752 




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