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Shipping & Delivery


-- The CMS Life Maintenance sells and services all Ceragem products including Ceragem Massagers Beds, CeraPads, CeraMats, Healax, Goodles and more. Please contact The CMS Life Maintenance by phone or email about product availability:
                                                     Tel: 714 907-5752
                                                     Email: cmslifem@yahoo.com
                                                     Website: www.ceragemsa.com

All products can be paid for with Credit Cards, Money Orders or Cashier Checks from Banks.

If you use Credit Cards to pay for your purchase, please fill out the Credit Card Authorization:

                                                                     Click here: Credit Card Authorization


Ceragem Product Shipping data


* CRG-V3 Shipping: 3 boxes

  CGM-V3 Main Mat          (A)

48 x 26 x 9

  62 Lbs

6.50 CF

  CGM-V3 Lower Mat        (B)

49 x 27 x 4

  39 Lbs


  CGM-V3 Frame               (C)

38 x 28 x 7

  41 Lbs

4.31 CF

Sub total:


142 Lbs



* CRG-RH Shipping: 5 boxes


Dimension (Inch) (1)



  CGM-Rh Main Mat        (A)

50 x 26 x 7

    55 Lbs.

5.16 CF

  CGM-Rh Lower Mat      (B)

32 x 26 x 6

    41 Lbs.

3.51 CF

  CGM-Rh Frame              (C)

45 x 26 x 6

    50 Lbs.

5.16 CF

  CGM-Rh Wood Box       (D)

45 x 11 x 4

    26 Lbs.


  CGM-Rh Power Supply  (E)

17 x 12 x 7

    12 Lbs.


Sub total:


184 Lbs



* CRG-C Shipping: 3 boxes

  CGM-C Main Mat          (A)

50 x 26 x 7

  62 Lbs

5.25 CF

  CGM-C Lower Mat        (B)

31 x 22 x 6

  19 Lbs

2.00 CF

  CGM-C Frame                (C)

49 x 23 x 6

  61 Lbs

3.70 CF

Sub total:


142 Lbs



* CRG-MAT Shipping in 1 box each

  CGM Mat Queen

27 x 25 x 7

    20 Lbs.


  CGM Mat Full

25 x 16 x 6

    17 Lbs


  CGM Mat Twin

20 x 14 x 4

    12 Lbs


  CGM Mat Cover

29 x 26 x 7

      6 Lbs.



* Shipping 1 or more items in one box


 16 x10 x 3

5.25 lbs



 20 x 7 x 5

6.50 lbs



 17 x 9 x 5

6.50 lbs


  Foot Massager

19 x 13 x 8

 11.00 lbs    


  Goodle Thermal Pad

22 x 20 x 5

11.00 lbs   


                                                                                                                     Note 1: Dimension of the shipping box

The CMS Life Maintenance ships all Ceragem Products to US destinations as below:



All Beds will be shipped free for first 30 miles then $3.00 / miles, but never more than $200 per bed.


CeraMats will be shipped for a flat fee of $50 per unit.

3- Goodle Max will be shipped for a flat fee of $35 per unit.


CeraPads will be shipped for a flat fee of $25 per unit.


Healax will be shipped for a flat fee of $20 each.

6- We ship our products using US mails, UPS, Fedex or freight


Please Note:

                  Questions About Product, Shipping or Returns?

                                    Contact The CMS Life Maintenance

                                    by email cmslifem@yahoo.com

                                    or call 714-907-5752

UPS & FEDEX reserves the right to make the decision whether or not they will release a package without a signature. Some manufacturers only ship with a signature required for delivery. Customer may request at the time an order is placed that the order may be delivered without a signature.
(Requests cannot be made after an order is placed). If a customer requests a package be delivered without a signature, the customer becomes responsible for replacing the package if it is lost or stolen. If a customer wishes to guarantee a delivery with signature, they may request UPS deliver only with a signature -- UPS requires a $3 upcharge for this signature request service, this up-charge will be added to the order at the time of shipping.

Please verify that shipping address is correct at the time of purchase. UPS/FEDEX charges $10.00 for any address correction and this charge will be applied to the purchaser's credit card when notified by UPS/FEDEX, usually within one week after shipping.

What is a Credit Card Verification Number:

Your credit card verification number (CVN, or CVC, or CVV) protects you and us against fraudulent charges on your credit card. If your card number were to be stolen (say from that old statement that you threw into the trash)  the person who stole the number would not be able to complete the transaction because they would not have the verification number. This number along with your card's billing address, number and expiration date makes it pretty unlikely a thief can use your card for fraudulent use.

On the reverse side of Mastercard, Visa and Discover credit cards, there is a number printed on the signature strip. The CVN is the last three digits. American Express cards have a four digit number
(not embossed) on the right front of the card.


No sales tax outside California.

Most products are in stock and are shipped directly from The CMS Life Maintenance warehouse to you. If there is an extended lead time The CMS Life Maintenance will contact the customer after an order is placed to relay lead time information and to confirm orders.

Credit Cards are not charged until products are shipped.

UPS Tracking Numbers are emailed after shipping. If you do not receive a tracking number and wish to receive one please contact The CMS Life Maintenance by email cmslifem@yahoo.com or by calling us at 714-907-5752

Terms and Conditions
  • Address Changes -- Double Check Shipping Address -- UPS charges $10.00 for all address changes once a package is shipped.

  • Damage in Disassembly -- Some products require disassembly before return. Customer assumes liability.

  • Damaged Merchandise -- Notify us about damaged merchandise within 24 hours of receipt (phone or fax). Keep all boxes. You may be required to contact the shipping/delivery company.

  • Returns -- No return for all Cereagem products.

  • No cancellation after an order has shipped.

  • Undeliverable Packages Due to Customer Error -- Customer will be credited minus all shipping costs

Privacy Policy

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* The CMS Life Maintenance will never give, lease or sell your personal information. Period! The CMS Life Maintenance does not participate in unsolicited email, US mail or phone advertising ---
we dislike spamming as much as you!

* The CMS Life Maintenance does not use customer information for any purpose other than the product transaction.

* The CMS Life Maintenance does not lease, transfer and/or sell your email address!

Is Yahoo! Shopping secure?

Yes. Yahoo! Shopping uses secure servers to protect your personal information, including your name, address, and credit card information. We use the Stronghold Secure Server, currently the second-best selling secure server software and, in our opinion, the best product technically. It supports industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption.
When you enter your credit card number into the order form, it is transmitted across the Internet in an encrypted
(scrambled) form and not decoded until we receive it. For added security, Yahoo also encrypts the credit card number when it is stored on disk and when it is forwarded to the merchant.