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Cool Pad

  • Product Description:


    Cool Pad is a versatile cooling pad that creates a comfortable, calming and cooling oasis right in your home. The Cool Pad uses a unique heat transfer method to draw heat from your body, giving you that “open door cool” feeling Cool Pad refrigerator cool without the environmental impact of using electricity, refrigeration or batteries.

    * Innovative Cooling Technology

    * Comfortable Memory Foam

    * Reduces Body Temperature up to 10oF

    * Lightweight, Versatile and Re-usable

  • Product specification


    Materials: The Cool pad's top layer is an aerated nylon fabric that is durable, lightwight and breathable, allowing maximum air flow.


    * Weight : 6lbs

    * Available colors : Silver, Ice blue

    * Max. weight capacity : Approx. 400lbs


    Cool Pad Performance:


                   - Thermal images of test subject


                  - Test subject body temperature decreases approxomately 8 F


                  - Subsequent tests have indicated decreases of up to 10 F


                  - User will experience a coolong sensation in less than 30 seconds




  • Customers may feel the effects of Cool Pad almost immediately by touching the product for only 15 seconds                                             (Customers should touch the Cool Pad with bare skin – hand, arm, etc.)

  • Cool Pad is the perfect item to cool down for those who:    

  •                                   - wants to fall asleep faster in a warm day


                                      - just had a workout


                                      - has inflammation


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