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cutemanilaguy (5 months ago)


Greeting fro Manila, Philippines
This bed really works! My lower back pain was gone, i got more energy throuhgout the day, it reduce my binge on food (i don't know if it just me).
There is also about 2 free "bed center" near my place, but the queue is quite long, mostly old people. Luckily there was an enterprising couple who "rent out" their bed for 50 pesos (about US$1) for 1 session.
Definitely works, but not a cure all.


VISALIAPINOY (5 months ago)  

Used it for 5 days straight. First 2 days, had sore in my lower back. WAs frustrated but still kept on going. after 3 days more, the results was a surprise for me. I can't believe it really work. Now i only use it once a week. REcommended to use it everyday. But just too busy. Once a week work for me. just can't believe I can get up with no problem. I use to cry just walking from my car to my office. My first two hours of the day is hard for me. Now the pain is over. thanks for this invention.

Am a contruction worker. For two years been suffering lower backpain. Have hard time getting up, first one hour of the day is just hard, can't walk, can't stay seated for along time to do computer work or bills. Tried this jade roller massage, WOW WOW WOW WOW man 95% gone. Can get up in the morning with no problem. CAn stay in the computer for hours now, Lastly, i can start working handy man jobs... REally happy bout this invention. It really realy worked for me.


vmshree (1 year ago)

Hello Every one
I have seen the preview & I like it so much and do want to purchase the same Can any tell me how the get the product. I am Vilas staying in India mumabi


splendor68 (1 year ago)

I purchased one and I love it. It has helped with everything from tinnitus (ringing in ears) to dizziness to flu and cold symptoms. I highly recommend it.


jvacamera (1 year ago) Show Hide

Hello everyone,
I think these beds are great. I bought one because i live about two hours away Ceragem Club and it's good to have your own right at your own home.


These beds are not substitutes for prescribed medicines and treatments. I have used these beds with benefit. Increase in energy and decrease in lower back pain. I wouldn't say it is a scam but don't be mislead. It is "not a cure" but with continued use can temporarily relieve minor pains associated with back pain. I think their ok but wouldn't buy one.


markevan2006 (1 year ago)
ceragem is always the best