Symptom: Sign of illness


Symptoms help doctors finding health problems of the patients.


If someone has certain symptoms, it is more likely that the patient has some problems with his / her health.

It is better that no health problem symptom is found.


Human health is controlled by the nervous system. Nervous centers are located mostly around the spine. When the nervous system is not in good order, it creates health problems. To solve the problems, it is important to make the nervous system in good working order and keep it in good condition always. It is called preventive measures. There are many types of preventive measures such as acupuncture, hand massage (finger pressure), heat massage, moxibustion, chiropractic treatments.


Ceragem Automatic Thermal Massagers are the meeting points of traditional medicine practice with the modern technologies.  The Ceragem Automatic Thermal Massagers do not use needles to do the acupuncture, but use Radiant Far Infrared Heat produced by letting lights go thru jade (precious stone) to do the job.


Ceragem Automatic Thermal Massagers were designed to include these measures to relieve muscle pain, relieve joint pain, reduce stress, relaxation of muscles and increase blood circulation.


Ceragem Automatic Thermal Massagers do not only do the treatment but also do the prevention of health problems. It is a good practice to use them everyday.


They are valuable massagers, precious medical class 2 devices and results of wonderful invention !


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Integrated Alternative Medicine Methods

The following are alternative medicine principles used in CERAGEM:


Chiropractic is one of the advanced alternative medicine principles widely practiced in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & the United Kingdom. Chiropractic means practice done by hand to relieve compressed nerves by correcting the spinal alignment. A correctly aligned spine stimulates the system and allow the body to return to its natural rhythms.


Massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy known to relieve pain, relax the muscles and stimulate the body. As we age, the natural curvature of the spine may become misaligned due to stress and bad posture. Massaging your spine regularly may help your back stay strong and durable.


Moxibustion effect is a method utilizing heat derived from a mixture of herbs to stimulate pressure points, which promote the body’s ability to heal itself, increase blood circulation and provide relaxation.


Jade is a stone that transmits a level of Radiant Far-Infrared Heat that is beneficial to the human body when heated. The Internal and External Projectors of Ceragem are comprised of jade to optimize the effectiveness of Radiant Far-Infrared Heat.

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Given the life-span of a human being, itís imperative to keep a healthy aligned spine in order to maintain and prolong a healthy life. Good Health is one of lifeís greatest blessings and itís a common interest shared by all people. The greatest wealth is health.



The Spine is the Pillar of our Body. The brain and the spinal cord together make up the Central Nervous System, controlling all of the functions of our body. Therefore maintenance and health of our spine plays a vital role in the standard and quality of our daily lives.



Lower-back, shoulder, and arm pain are the results of poor posture, bad habits, incorrect exercise, and stress. The spinal problems along with lower-back pain and so many other disorders stem from the spine. Therefore, itís evident that the spine is important in maintaining good health.



That the spinal cord is part of the central nervous system that connects and controls all of the bodyís organs.

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Chiropractic treatment techniques corrects and realigns the deformities of the spinal region through spinal manipulation therapy. Its founder, Dr. David Palmer called it ďa science of healing without drugsĒ. Deformities of the spinal cord can affect the general health of a person through the nervous system, as the spine and health are related in a fundamental way. Realigning the deformities of the spine corrects the spinal misalignments which is a primary underlying risk factor for many diseases.




The effectiveness of chiropractic techniques have been evaluated and research results have been published by the joint efforts of the International Chiropractic Association and the Palmer Chiropractic Research Institute.

AnemiaInsomniaArthritisKidney ProblemsAsthmaLiver ProblemsLower Back PainIrregular Menstrual CyclesHypertension/HypotensionNeuralgia/NeuritisBronchitisNauseaShoulder PainHypersensitivityConstipationParalysisDizzinessPleurisyEmotional InstabilityRheumatismBladder DisorderHip & Pelvis DisorderGeneral Muscle TensionSciaticaFatigueHerniated DiscsThyroid Gland DisordersScoliosisAllergiesStiff NeckHeadachesUlcerProtruded DiscsGastroenteritisIndigestion 



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Thermotherapy is the use of heat in therapy for pain relief and improvements in health can be applied through various forms. CERAGEM utilizes the benefits of Far Infrared Rays (FIR) heat therapy to apply deep penetrating heat in order to relieve the muscles and joints of stiffness and pain. Thermotherapy helps to improve blood circulation and the increased blood flow to the affected area provides proteins, nutrients, and oxygen for healing. The therapeutic effects of heat include decreasing joint stiffness, reducing muscle pain and spasms, reducing inflammation and arthritis, and aids in healing and in increasing blood flow throughout the body.




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Finger-Pressure (Acupressure) therapy utilizes the principles of acupuncture and alternative medicine, however points on the body are stimulated with finger pressure instead of the insertion of needles. Finger-Pressure is used to relieve the body of a variety of symptoms and pain and is also very effective in prevention and treatment for many health conditions: including headaches, general aches and pains, colds, arthritis, allergies, menstrual cramps, sprains, among others. Acupressure points can be stimulated to increase energy, reduce stress, stimulate the immune system, and alleviate sexual dysfunction.




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Moxibustion therapy uses mugwort (moxa) to warm regions and acupuncture points in order to stimulate circulation through the points and induce a smoother blood flow and energy (Qi). CERAGEM applies the therapy of Far Infrared Rays (FIR) to provide deep penetrating heat to the acupuncture points of the body. Moxibustion therapy is used to treat symptoms of the cold or flu, mitigate the dampness in the body, and has even been used to turn breech babies into a normal head-down position prior to childbirth.