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CeraPad is a flexible, thermal pad, an important addition to the Ceragem thermal Massage Beds. The CeraPAD is an optional accessory to go with your Ceragem digital infrared Massage bed. It is a flexible pad consisting of 36 jade stones to facilitate natural and effective infrared therapy and 10 000 ceramic beads to hold and radiate this beneficial Radiant Far Infrared Heat.


Covering a broader area, it is excellent for use across painful knees, hips, shoulders, around the neck, across the belly and abdomen and down the spine. Apply CeraPad to any desired part of your body except for your head. Using CeraPad in addition to your massage session will improve the overall effectiveness of each session due to the flexibility of CeraPad. You can wrap CeraPad to the contours of your body to provide a more thorough and comprehensive session.


Use it while on the bed or off.

  • Please note: CeraPad must be plugged into a Ceragem Beds.

  • New design: Goodle AC Mini Pad  Same as CeraPad but connected to wall outlet

Product Name




Electrical Consumption

43W +/-10%

Adjustable Jade Ball Temperature:

86o - 140o F (30o -60oC)


25.6 in x 9.5 in x 1.2 in (65cm x 24cm x 3cm)


4 lbs (1.8kg)




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