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Healax is CERAGEMís newest product offering hands free percussion massage.

Percussion Massage excites cells to increase the bodyís natural healing response; stimulating circulation and oxygen flow, stimulating cellular fluid transfer increasing hydration and the removal of toxins from tissue.

This hands free massager allows you to target relief to most muscle groups--back, shoulders, quads, hamstrings, calves and more, providing a deep tissue massage wherever and whenever you need it.  

The Healax is Hands Free which means that you donít have to use the muscles you are trying to relax. You simply place the Healax on your shoulders and lower or raise it with the arms straps provided. 

The Healax provides the perfect massage whether you do physical work or sit in an office all day. It is ideal to use pre or post workout or other strenuous activities. Percussion action massage chips away at pent up muscle tension to relax muscles and reduce pain. The Healax gives you the option of soothing heat for a deeper more soothing massage.



Percussion Massager

Unlike other hand-held massagers, Healax is a hands-free percussion massager.
Alternate rapid-tapping strokes stimulate muscles and joints helping to relieve tensions and tightness.


Optional Heat Application

Soothing Heat enhances the effectiveness of the massage.
The heat can be turned on and off with a push of a button.


6 Levels of Intensity Settings

Intensity can be changed from gentle to invigorating by pressing the +/- buttons providing optimal stimulation for each user.




32 Modes of Rhythmic Action

Healax is programmed to cycle through 32 different types of rhythm. Rather than repetitive tapping Healax changes tempo and rhythm so the user receives variety of percussion massages.


Automatic Timer

Healax has a self timer that shuts off automaticallyafter 7 minutes.



Healax is designed to be portable and easily used. The massager is worn over the shoulders rather than held by hands. The device only weights 7 pounds so it can be easily carried.


Durable and Reliable

Healax is made of long lasting durable materials.
It comes with a one year full manufactureís warranty.


Multiple Applications

Healax provides convenient massage from the neck and shoulder all the way to the lower back and other parts of the body.
The massager can be positioned to different locations by simply moving the massager using the handle.








Technical Specifications




2 Solenoids

Nominal Voltage

120 V AC / 60 Hz

Nominal Power consumption

200W / Max


7.7 lbs


60 W



Note: Some people recommend buying a Power Inverter (200Watts or higher)

to use Healax with car battery when camping or when driving a long distance



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