Vibrating Massager

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The Cerabelt provides the perfect massage whether you do physical work or sit in an office all day. It is ideal to use after an extensive workout and/or other strenuous activities.

The specially designed vibrators deliver an intense vibration that elliptically oscillates throughout the entire belt. This product is designed to convert direct current motors to vibrate, delivering beneficial effects to your body with the heat application. It is normally called Vibration Therapy.

The Cerabelt delivers an oscillating massage with optional heat application. The Auto program provides a convenient 10 minute 3-dimensional vibrating massage to the target area. The 15 vibration patterns can be adjusted to five different intensity levels so that the user can choose a stimulating or soothing massage session.

The convenient carrying case, along with the portability and versatility of the Cerabelt allows you to use it anywhere from your office to your bed. A wireless remote control and an extension belt are included.
The Cerabelt can be worn on your lower back, abdomen, and other parts of your body such as hips, shoulders, thighs, legs and feet.

- Increase the body’s natural healing response; stimulating blood circulation and oxygen flow, increasing hydration and the removal of toxins from your body.


- Increases muscle strength, improve muscle power, burn fat & tighten skin.


- Improve bone density and relieves joint and back pain.

Dual Motor

  • The 2 motors provide 3 dimensional vibrating patterns

Heating Pad

  • Provides warmth to applied areas

Wireless Remote Control

  • Wireless remote control for added convenience

      It provides the perfect massage whether you do physical or office work.

            It is ideal to use after a long working day. 

            It helps you to relieve stress and improve relaxation.


Input voltage:           120VAC / 60Hz

Power consumption: 80VA or 60 W at 24 DCV

Weight:                    4.4 lbs  (2 kg)

Operating time:        10 minutes





Note: Some people recommend buying a Power converter (100Watts or higher) to use CeraBelt with car battery when camping or when driving a long distance