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(to CERAGEM Santa Ana): Our Healax arrived this week and we are really enjoying it and plan to show it to several friends and even take it with us on our Thanksgiving trip to NJ. My husband has gotten an adapter so that we can use it as we're driving. We love it. We are even considering buying a second one. Do you have any special sales on the Healax coming up soon? Thanks again for a great product.


Photo of Dormand L. Dormand L., Venice, CA

Got back pain?  Then you need to try the Ceragem thermal massager bed...for free!  The retail store has massager beds available where you can experience first hand, the benefits of Ceragem.  In a nutshell there are "rollers" on a track system which follows the curvature of the spine to simulate massage, finger pressure & moxibustion techniques.  The rollers are made with, of all things, jade, to emit "Radiant Far Infrared Heat" which increases blood circulation throughout the body & improving overall health.  The action of the rollers feels rather strong and uncomfortable at first until you get used to it.  The rollers do get warm (the temp. can be set as high as 140).  A session lasts about 40 minutes.  My back did feel more relaxed afterward but I can't attest to any pain relief from the bed since my back wasn't hurting the day when I went there & I only had that one treatment.

The staff is extremely helpful and very knowledgeable of the products (their motto is 'Love, Service & Kindness').  You can do as much as one session a day if your schedule permits.  However their business hours are like 8:30-5:30 on weekdays & to noon on Saturdays.  You can get your very own massager bed if you have about $3,000-$3,500 to spare.

Sheena L. New York, NY

Ceragem is an awesome thermal massage bed that realigns and strengthens your back by rolling infrared-heated jade balls up and down your spine.  I first tried it when I visited my fiance's aunt in Denver and she had one in her house.  I was skeptical at first, but this thing feels amazing and with regular use, it's supposed to stretch out your vertebrae and make your back a lot more resilient and stress-free.

Okay, maybe it sounds a little odd and maybe it's targeted at the older set and not necessarily someone as young and spry as I, but I still love what this essentially boils down to: free hour-long massages once a day.  They do ask that you purchase your own set of sheets ($45) if you're going to come in regularly -- the second half the massage requires that you lay face down, so this is nothing to scoff at.  The place is very clean and the staff is friendly; just know that being proficient in Chinese helps if you want to shoot the breeze with them.


Brad P. Midvale, UT

Ceragem your way back to good health. This is a place where you can get a 40 min massage for free once a day. You go lay on a massage bed for 30 min on your back and then you turn over and lay on your stomach for 10 min. These beds use FAR infrared heat and have jade rollers which help you to relax, loosen up and start the healing process. If you have not been you need to go. It is GREAT!!!


by blue222q Phenix, AZ

Fantastic Place, Highly Recommended: "Love, Service & Kindness" is their motto -- and they truly live by it. Ceragem thermal massage beds have heated jade rollers and carbon panels that deliver a soothing massage. The far infrared rays help your body to heal itself from many, many different ailments, judging from the testimonials I hear every time I go. The best part about this service is that you can enjoy the Ceragem beds once per day, for free! There is no pressure to purchase anything. I personally have experienced more energy, better sleep, less neck pain, and better digestion from going about 3x per week.


By Ryan P. |

Whats better that a free daily massage. At ceragem they let you use their massage beds free once a day. They have heated jade rollers that roll on your back and the jade has been know to be a healing stone. I would recommend it if you have never tried it. They really dont push you too hard to try to get you to buy one.


Local user

Very good: although i speak in broken spanish they were very helpful to my needs. The beds were clean and clean blankets. the instructor was very polite and had pleasing tone of voice. This really relived alot of stress and relives muscle pain and whatever pain your body may have. im was very satasfied. hope you are as well

Good for your back - what a gem!  5 Star Rating - World class

By Dr. Steven L.

The store is so wonderful and the people are just delightful. What a pleasant place to be. You really owe it to yourself to go in and try a massage for free.


BED OF LIFE!     http:// wenxter. wordpress. com/ category/ ceragem/

Posted by wenxter (a catholic priest) on March 13, 2008

This is what I get for hanging out with the elderlyÖthe secret to eternal youth not just eternal life. Because after celebrating the daily morning Mass, my ďhomiesĒ would then proceed to their favorite hang-out. A rented room furnished with 2 alien-looking thermal beds and a few worn out monoblock chairs. There they would chat about their busy day ahead which includes worship, chores, grandchildren and charity work.
At first glance, I look like an outsider or a lost soul in their hangout. But I feel at home here. Itís only my second day/session with the Ceragem thermal bed and I must confess Iím already addicted to it! Itís a magic bed that will save your life. It incorporates the most essential Eastern alternative medicine methods like massage/reflexology, chiropratic, moxibustion and jade stones to heal blocked veins, improve blood circulation and help purge toxins from the body. After my first try, I immediately felt some relief for my acid reflux condition. Itís not completely gone but it definitely lost its punch. Then on my second day I said bye-bye to all my back aches and pains. I am not exaggerating when I say that itís heaven sent.
The cure protocol is for 5 straight days. But I donít have the luxury to commit to this so Iím going to resume these sessions during my days off, twice a week at the most. Itís the most relaxing and rejuvenating health regimen I have ever experienced in my life.

Today I have spent the day in healing my bruised and worn body. A good friend noticed the pain I was going through during Holy Mass last night before confession. She then invited me to a session of Ceragem, an automatic thermal massager. I agreed and went with her to a small place near my house. It was a life-changing experience. A patron confirmed of the many benefits and healing properties of this magical bed. She used to suffer diabetes and kidney stones and heart disease. I mean this mother of 9 was a cash cow for the drug industry. She used to take 16 pills each day but with Ceragem all this changed. Just check out these testimonials and Iíll keep you posted on my sessions. God bless you all.


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