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Posted by wenxter (a catholic priest) on March 13, 2008

This is what I get for hanging out with the elderly…the secret to eternal youth not just eternal life. Because after celebrating the daily morning Mass, my “homies” would then proceed to their favorite hang-out. A rented room furnished with 2 alien-looking thermal beds and a few worn out monoblock chairs. There they would chat about their busy day ahead which includes worship, chores, grandchildren and charity work.
At first glance, I look like an outsider or a lost soul in their hangout. But I feel at home here. It’s only my second day/session with the Ceragem thermal bed and I must confess I’m already addicted to it! It’s a magic bed that will save your life. It incorporates the most essential Eastern alternative medicine methods like massage/reflexology, chiropratic, moxibustion and jade stones to heal blocked veins, improve blood circulation and help purge toxins from the body. After my first try, I immediately felt some relief for my acid reflux condition. It’s not completely gone but it definitely lost its punch. Then on my second day I said bye-bye to all my back aches and pains. I am not exaggerating when I say that it’s heaven sent.
The cure protocol is for 5 straight days. But I don’t have the luxury to commit to this so I’m going to resume these sessions during my days off, twice a week at the most. It’s the most relaxing and rejuvenating health regimen I have ever experienced in my life.

Today I have spent the day in healing my bruised and worn body. A good friend noticed the pain I was going through during Holy Mass last night before confession. She then invited me to a session of Ceragem, an automatic thermal massager. I agreed and went with her to a small place near my house. It was a life-changing experience. A patron confirmed of the many benefits and healing properties of this magical bed. She used to suffer diabetes and kidney stones and heart disease. I mean this mother of 9 was a cash cow for the drug industry. She used to take 16 pills each day but with Ceragem all this changed. Just check out these testimonials and I’ll keep you posted on my sessions. God bless you all.


La Cama acupuntura usa Rayos infrarrojos CERAGEM


(CERAGEM Santa Ana Center)

·         Este es el más preciado instrumento médico en la actualidad.

·         Esta es la exitosa alianza de la medicina oriental y la tecnología de la medicina Occcidental

·         Las siguientes organizaciones dan su approcíon:

-   FDA (US Food & Drug Administration): Organizacion De Droga Y Alimentos

-   FCC (Federal Communications Commission): Comicion Federal De Comunicacion

-   UL (Underwriter Lab. Inc.): Laboratorio De Seguridad

-   US Patent: Certificado De Autenticidad



Técnicas de los nervios de presión, masaje térmico y acupuntura  utilizando rayos infrarrojos.







                                     Seguro y Eficaz


  Tratamiento de las siguientes enfermedades:

         Dolor de huesos, Dolor de Nervios, Problemas de sueño, Ashma, Hemorroides,

Reumatismo,    Próstata, Alta presión de sangre, Alto de Colesterol…


Por la aplicación de Rayos infrarrojos emission desde verde jade masaje y térmica los centro de nervios alrededor columna vertebral, suavizar articulación, ayuda la circulacion de sangre, el tratamiento las enfermedades .



Location:   1071 W. 17th Street # F, Santa Ana, CA 92706   * (714) 907-5752  /  983-5974 

(Interior de Auto Michoacan)

Horas de operacíon:  (Tratamiento gratuito)


                                                       Martes   -  Jueves:  10:00AM – 6:00 PM  

                                                       Viernes:                  10:00AM – 6:00 PM

                                                          Sábado:                  10:00AM – 4:00 PM

                                                                             Domingo y Lunes:   Cerrado