Welcome to CMS Life Maintenance, a CERAGEM distributor in Santa Ana, California.

We are pleased to serve you and let you have a free trial of all Ceragem products, especially the Infrared Massager Beds. Since free trials of Ceragem Beds are offered to everybody, we are concerned about public uses of these products.  We took all necessary measures to ensure the safety of our customers. 


However, accidents happened. Therefore, for your own safety while using these beds, we suggest that:

- Person wearing Pace Maker do not try these thermal massager beds.

- If you weigh more than 250 lbs do not use these beds.

- Take off the shoes, belts and keys from your body.

- Use your own Ceragem sheets to cover your body to avoid unsafe situation and / or skin deseases... You can purchase a sheet set (3 piece sheets in a travel bag) here for $45 to be solely used by yourself. If you want, you can still use sheets of the center for free, if available, at your own risks.


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Welcome to Ceragem Santa Ana  


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Free Trial Ceragem Thermal Massager


  A. How to lay down

- Cover bed with a sheet (if you don’t have it, ask for help)

- Take of shoes, Belt, Jacket (better wear comfortable clothes)

- Lay down straight and face up.

- Distance 4 fingers between your head to the edge of the bed.

- Grab the projector (9 Jade Balls light) facing down (put it where you feel pain)

- Do not move; lay down straight, in the center of the bed.

- Do not folding or crossing your legs during the session.

- Do not touch a control, if you do you will loose your session.

  B. How the Ceragem bed works

The session last 40 minutes (30 min face up, 10 min face down)

- The massager moves 3 times from the hips up to the head.

- It stops at the waist for 2 minutes.

- It slowly goes up in 8 points (in every 2 min) up to the neck.

- The massager goes back again to the waist area for 2 minutes

- Then goes down to buttocks area in two points, and stops at the two points for 2 minutes.

- The massager goes back again to the waist area, at this moment its time to flip over (face down) 30 minutes have passed.

- After first 30 minutes you have to turn over and face down.

- When turn over you must turn slowly and carefully.

- The massager will move down for two more points and stops in every two points for 2 minutes

  C. Use of the projector (The material of the ball is Jade)

When using projector on the face do not make contact directly to skin, use a towel.

- Put it where it you need (sickness of the organs) for example: the heart, stomach, liver, Pancreas, intestines, etc…

- Put on bones, muscles, shoulder, arm, knee, leg, etc…

- Put it in every place 3 to 5 minutes. (Its light is turn on and off automatically). The light is not lit all the time – if the balls are hot, it is working.

  D. When the treatment over

- Fold the sheet and return it (if the sheet is not your)

- Put the projector on top of the table face up.

- Do not shower or drink cold drink until 2 hours have passed.

  E. Warning

The following people may not use Ceragem Thermal Massager bed is:

-    Drunk people.

-    Pregnant woman.

-    Over weight (over 250 lbs)

-    People wearing Pace Maker




What to expect during the first uses


During your first few trials of Ceragem Massage Beds, you may experience some minor soreness, discomforts in the shoulders, spine, and back. You may find the pressure of the rollers to be intense. This is normal. This indicates that the Ceragem Massage Bed is working on sensitive spots of your body. It’s similar to starting a new exercise program; you may experience stiffness until your body adjusts.


Some people might experience “woozy” feelings or headaches after using the Ceragem Massage Beds for the first time. This is normal - your body is cleansing and releasing toxins. These symptoms will soon be gone – it will take 3 to 4 uses before you can relax and enjoy.