Goodle MiniPad_AC

Goodle MiniPad_AC is a new version of CeraPad, which is an important addition to the Ceragem thermal Massage Beds. The Goodle MiniPad_AC is an optional accessory to go with your Ceragem digital infrared Massage bed. It is a flexible pad consisting of 36 jade stones to facilitate natural and effective infrared therapy and 10 000 ceramic beads to hold and radiate this beneficial heat.

Covering a broader area, it is excellent for use across painful knees, hips, shoulders, around the neck, across the belly and abdomen and down the spine. Apply Goodle MiniPad_AC to any desired part of your body except for your head. Using Goodle MiniPad_AC in addition to your massage session will improve the overall effectiveness of each session due to the flexibility of Goodle MiniPad_AC. You can wrap Goodle MiniPad_AC to the contours of your body to provide a more thorough and comprehensive session.

Use it while on the bed or off.


   Please note:

  • Goodle MiniPad_AC is a stand alone device, it can be used with or without Ceragem Beds.

  • Goodle MiniPad_AC is not designed to be plugged into a Ceragem Beds. It uses wall outlet of 110V AC  with its own controller and regulator:

                                                         - Temperature control dial

                                                         - Power butoon

                                                         - Controller connector

                                                         - Warm lamp

                                                         - Power lamp


Product Name

Goodle Mini Pad 

Model Name CHN-P650


AC-110 V 60 Hz

Electrical Consumption

64W +/-10%

Adjustable Jade Ball Temperature:

86o - 149o F (30o -65oC)


25.6 in x 9.5 in x 1.2 in (65cm x 24cm x 3cm)


4.5 lbs (2 kg)



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